Sanctuary 32 LS Expandable Starter Aquaponics System

Sanctuary 32 LS Expandable Starter Aquaponics System

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The Sanctuary 32 is our introduction to a large expandable aquaponics system. Out of the box this system offers 32 square feet of produce grow space with plenty of room to expand by purchasing additional beds.

The standard setup ships with a 300 gallon fish tank, one media bed, and one raft. The minimum space required is an 8′ X 8′ area.

This system has the potential to perpetually feed one person year round. Or it could be used to supplement food needs with an organic produce and fish garden.

The Sanctuary 32 system offers 32 square feet of grow space (hence the number in the name) and can be expanded all the way up to 128 square feet of grow space.  If it were to be expanded completely it would end up becoming the Sanctuary 128 system.

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Product Description

Summary Items Included With This Kit:

How To Manual  Correctly sized Magnetic Drive,encapsulated water pump
 Aerator & Stones All pre cut & sized hoses & plumbing  Control Valves Food Grade USDA & FDA approved tanks Auto-siphons
 Starter Seed kit WITH non-GMO seeds   Quick Start cycling kit Master Water Testing kit  Tank cover
 Grow beds, rafts & raft tanks (if applicable) and stands for all beds  Liquid Seaweed w Iron  Clay Pebbles- YES, we INCLUDE them with this kit!


Orders Are Custom Made and Generally Ship Within 1 – 2 Weeks
$150.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
 Color: Fish Tank & Raft:


Fish Tank Size:
300 Gallon
Grow Space Available:
32 Sq. Ft.
Grow Bed Types & Quantities:
1 Media Bed, 1 Raft Bed
Estimated Number of Plants:
42 to 65+ Plant Aquaponics System
Max Produce Yield:
320 Pounds of Vegtables Per Year
Maximum Fish Yield:
70 – 100 Pounds
Yes, Can Be Expanded Up To The Sanctuary 128 System by Purchasing Additional Grow Beds
Minimum Space Required:
93″ X 102″
Clay Pebbles Included: